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Suspiria - Couture Hand Embroidery Facewear

Suspiria - Couture Hand Embroidery Facewear

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Luxury couture line of washable reusable facewear that is in conjunction with the CDC requirements.

This facewear is made of two layers of non-stretch beautiful rayon blend pre-wash, serve as self and lining with 2 layers of thick canvas cotton in between for extra filtering and extra room to breathe. The color-coordinated elastic straps wrap around the ear rather than the head for comfort and minimum disruption to the face with an adjustable plastic nose bridge.

* measurements are 6H by 9.5W inches. 

* Unisex and suitable for outdoor, indoor, His, Hers and teens. 

* Hand wash with laundry detergent, do not use bleach.

* Hand-made in NYC, USA.

* Packaged with a sanitized box display.

* This facewear is not a medical-grade but more a fashion statement, it is a washable, reusable fabric so could prevent from coughing into the air like a scarf or tissue would do. 

It will avoid getting germs directly into your mouth and nose but it doesn't reach a medical standard. 

The best way to prevent a virus from spreading is to wash your hands regularly, especially after using public transport or being at a large gathering, and disinfect objects and surfaces at your home and workplace regularly.


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